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I’m going to be writing a few stories set during the characters’ summer break, and before Nick’s entry into college. Actually, in the long run, I’m hoping to write a story from each current League member’s perspective. I’ll probably include one of them in the summer break.

I could choose one completely on my own, but I thought I’d get people’s input on what characters interest them most.

Feel free to suggest other options in the comments, or even explain your preference.

I’m interested in hearing why people would choose one character over another.

18 thoughts on “Character Poll”

  1. As much as I don’t like Sean, I’m still interested in the less well-known fisters and what they think of being drawn up in all this. Also kinda funny for them to know the identities of the League, and their reactions to that. Be nice to see how much of a split is present between them and Sean’s actions, whether it’s just how he acts, or if he’s told them about killing Ex-Ray.

  2. I said Cassie. From what I remember it was mainly her idea to reform the Heroes League to begin with and yet we don’t really see that much of her. I’d like to see her take on how the team’s come together, where it’s going and how close (or not) things are to how she imagined.

  3. I went for Marcus, because I don’t think we really know him at all, but I think Travis could also do with some more attention. And after all the early attention we seem to have seen much less of Cassie. Still, I’ll be happy whichever way you go. 🙂

  4. I went with three characters:

    1) Haley. This is pretty obvious – as the protagonist’s girlfriend, she’s a major character in her own right, and I’m sure it’s interesting to see Nick from her point of view.

    2) Cassie – I think we should more of her: I reread LoN recently, and realized that she had a rather large role at the beginning of the story. What’s happened since then? Plus I think the father-daughter-legacy dynamic would be interesting to explore, since her father’s death was what got her into this in the first place.

    3) Jaclyn – again, someone I think is worth exploring. Maybe not as much as the two up top, but a single episode on Jaclyn and her motivations and so on would be good, I feel. All we know of her at the moment is that her grandfather was sidelined due to race, and that she’s an over-achiever.

    I wanted to vote for Daniel and Vaughn, but I realize that we know quite a bit about the two already. Daniel because he’s the best friend, and is present in pretty much all of the story; Vaughn because there’s a whole arc dedicated to him (or at least, to his family).

  5. PS: I think Cassie should be higher up in my list, by the way, and I’m not too worried if you don’t include Jaclyn. But I really, seriously, think you should focus on Cassie.

  6. I picked Jaclyn strictly because there is WOEFULLY little fiction that deals with a fantastical element like superpowers and how it would function in our real world where race is as much a part of our lives as air or electricity.

  7. But for the record, my ‘other’ would be on the Classic League and Al Nakamura and whoever Jaclyn’s grandpop was.

  8. I voted Chris because he’s still trying to decide how much involvement. If someone says I can vote twice, I would then put in for one of the girls – I was thinking Haley (as stated an obvious choice) or Rachel, but you all are right, I had completely forgotten Cassie, so that might be another reason for her.

    Oh wait wait wait… I forgot completely… how about a chapter from Gunther’s perspective?

  9. Voted for Jaclyn, since while she seems like a good egg I’m not really sure if that’s just a facade so it makes me wonder what really makes her tick.
    Chris might be interesting too, but as long as his point of view isn’t shown I get to keep thinking maybe the Nick/Chris-shipping is secretly canon, at least one-sidedly…

  10. I voted Cassie, she’s what started the League again and we know the least about her.
    Haley would be my 2nd choice.

  11. I’ll admit an interest in Chris, because I think that gadgeteers are the most “human” of superheroes. It is our tech that gives the human race an edge, a dangerous one at that. Power armour is arguably a metaphor for how human tech protects, and makes vulnerable, the human race as a whole. I’d like to see more of Chris, how he learned his skills, maybe some interactions with his grandfather.

  12. You know what’s bad? I thought Travis was The Shift and I’ve been trying for the last arc or two to remember who Marcus is.

  13. The two characters I want to see more of are Chris and Kayla. Both are minor, interesting individuals that you could build a really interesting side arc around. Chris could build Kayla a new power armor to try to impress the hot headquarters chick / former cheerleader.

    Add in Courtney maybe for a Heroic League Reserves Arc

    1. You know, that could be fun. It’s definitely worth thinking about. The funny thing is I’ve got an arc planned that uses those characters together in a similar but not quite the same way.

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