LoN Volume 1’s Cover (The Paperback)

Hey everyone…

The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth (Volume 1)You’ve seen the Kindle/epub version off to the right, but if you want to see the front and back of the cover as it will appear in the printed version, you can do that now too. All you’ve got to do is vote for Legion of Nothing on Top Web Fiction. You’ll be redirected back here to see the image.

Why do it this way? Well, I just received a picture as a proof, and wanted to show it to people. I’ve also been curious to see if being at the top of Top Web Fiction’s list would result in more hits from the site.

This kills two birds with one stone.

So, click on the link above (and not the one in the sidebar) and you can take a look, and I’ll get to find out. We’ve got enough people reading to easily do that.

UPDATE: So far Legion of Nothing is in sixth place which is higher on Top Web Fiction’s list than before. Cool. I’m curious to see how high it can go.

UPDATE: It’s now at third place.

UPDATE: Whoa. Second place.

UPDATE: First (at 81 votes right now). Cool. Thanks, everybody, but keep on looking if you’re curious about the printed cover.

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  1. Oh, and for the record folks, the blog tour for LoN Volume 1: Rebirth is still going on. That’s the one where you can win copies of the book–both print and for Kindle (as well as an actual Kindle).

    Here’s what I posted about it on Facebook:

    Hey folks, the Legion of Nothing blog tour continues. If you want you can enter just by liking 1889 Labs and this page (but I’m assuming you already have). Visiting each site and making a comment improves your chances as well…

    Plus, there are only four days left, so if you are interested, there’s not much time.

    Today the writer of Whoopeeyoo! (which is probably not her real name) gave LoN: Rebirth a review. Check it out:


    And if you want to follow the rest of the tour, here’s the link for that:

    The key point is to use the “Rafflecopter” link or widget in the entry.

    Also, for that matter the Goodreads contest where you can win one of three free copies of the paperback will end in 8 days. It’s here:

    The main purpose of both contests is to make more people aware of the book, but there’s no reason you can’t enter.

  2. Bill: Thanks. With any luck, turning the various sections of the story into books will expand things further than I’ve any right to expect.

    Wildbow: Thanks. Natasha Dichpan did the drawing, and MCM did the graphic design of the cover. Both did a great job.

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