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I know I mentioned this on the Facebook page, and in the comments here a few times, but I thought I’d directly mention this on the blog. My publisher is doing a giveaway for Legion of Nothing.

It’s run through Rafflecopter. This is how it works:

  • a “like” on the 1889 Facebook page will count as 1 raffle entry
  • a sign-up to my LON mailing list will count as 3 raffle entries
  • a comment on any of the blog tour posts will count as 1 raffle entry (readers can comment on each post once)

The prizes are the following:

Grand prize: Kindle + e-copy of LON for kindle
2nd: Hard copy of LON, LON tshirt
3rd: e-book bundle of LON and the Antithesis by Terra Whiteman (5 gift packs)

Essentially, you can enter 16 times, if’ I’m correct.

You can find all the places that it’s appeared here:

It ends in two days, and in an ideal world I would have mentioned it more obviously here, but, you can still win stuff, and it would be cool if someone who’s been following it here did.

UPDATE: It’s been extended for a few days and now ends in four days as of 8/26/12.

Plus, of course, there’s the Goodreads giveaway for the printed book (which also ends soon).

9 thoughts on “My Publisher’s Giveaway”

  1. Some highlights of the tour (so far):

    Interviews and Guest Posts by me:

    Minor mistake on one of the interviews… I accidentally answered the questions from “The Pen Muse” for “I am, Indeed” as well. Check out both to watch me answer the same questions differently.

    Readings done by me:


  2. Personally, I’ve thought something along those lines myself. That said, a Kindle costs a lot more than a paperback and t-shirt.

    Actually, I’ve sometimes thought that it would be cool to offer Legion of Nothing t-shirts for sale. If anyone’s interested, I can look into it.

  3. So, I came over here from RoyalRoadl, because I’d finished what’s there.

    I’m enjoying the story, but man. Reading on this site is a bit rough in comparison. Huge columns on both sides in white and black, no night-mode, and all these (probably super important at the time) announcement chapters that I have to skip past.

    Sure, I get that some of that comes with the territory of using wordpress, but maybe you could consider stripping out the less recent non-content-chapters if there’s an easy way to do it? I dunno about everyone else, but I’m not super interested in your giveaway from five years ago, seeing as how it’s probably over. 😛

    I guess I could just wait until RRL catches up with here, but the difference in length is pretty impressive.

    Anyways, good story so far, even if I’d like to see a little more character growth for the amount of words/trauma they’ve been through. The world is developing nicely, and I do appreciate that you’re advancing time in-world. You’re surprisingly true to the ‘feel’ of comic books, which is awesome. Even if it’s unrealistic at times, flavor is more important than realism.

    Thanks for writing!

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