Next Update: Friday

Sorry to tell you now, but I’m pushing the next update over to Friday. I thought I might be able to write it all last night, but that didn’t work out.

Today, however, is my wife’s birthday, and last night it occurred to me that doing my usual thing on Wednesday (writing until the update’s done, and basically ignoring everything else) would probably be a bad idea.

Thus, I’ll be finishing it up on Thursday, and posting somewhere between 1 and 2 EST on Friday.

In the meantime, if you do read the Pen and Cape Society website, you’ll note that I’m on the list as one of three options for Friday’s story update there. You can guess why I might be apphrensive about this. Feel free to click through and vote for well… anybody but me.

12 thoughts on “Next Update: Friday”

    1. Leaking pen: I’m looking forward to writing an episode of it, but this week has been a bad one. Beyond my wife’s birthday today, a friend of mine died yesterday. So that didn’t help either.

  1. Your wife is much more important than the story. We can wait, no problem. Your update schedule has been very reliable so far, you don’t have to worry about missing one update out of hundreds.

    Btw… great story. šŸ™‚

    I hope Nick and the other descendants of the original Heroes League get around to make things official soon. I mean the fact that they haven’t established a leader or a group of leaders, they have no rules of conduct or any guidelines or anything. Shouldn’t they be recruiting? How do they decide who gets to join? If The Power applied, what would they tell him? What about support and covers for the new members who aren’t protected by the old mental blocks?
    I mean, it’s just organisation, but it is rather important because it solves the questions of “What should I do if X happens?” and “Should I be doing this on my own?” and quite a few others that have come up during the story so far.
    I think Nick is the only one who has a rough idea what all the Heroes League’s assets and responsibilities are and the others are only told once it becomes relevant. That’s a bit problematic, isn’t it?

    Anyway. I enjoy this story a lot, for lots of reason. Keep up the good work (just not on your wife’s birthday.) šŸ™‚

  2. I’ll campaign on your behalf!

    Ladies and gentlemen, do you want to vote for a guy who writes a story where teenagers watch a superhero porno? A story where the main character is descended from a Nazi? A Nazi who may have also been a Communist illegal immigrant werewolf? A story where the main hero just strapped a girl to a chair and impregnated her? Would you really trust a man who follows World Domination in Retrospect? I wouldn’t. So vote for the other people.

    Or else. Dun dun duuuuuun!

    *This message paid for by money stolen from viewers like you. Probably stolen by Jim. Jim Zoetewey: Pervert, Thief, Family Man.*

  3. Whoops, I already voted for you before I read this post. I hope your wife has enjoyed her birthday. I don’t the fact you’re putting your family before this story. Just means I’m looking forward to Friday now.

  4. Hey Psycho Gecko, multi-headed dragons have become more popular recently. Just look at How To Train Your Dragon.

  5. Plus I like multi-headed dragons for comedy. Not so much for action. Mind you, I have played any good games where you take on a multi-headed dragon. Fighting a 5 headed dragon in Skyrim could have been pretty fun.

    1. I was. For better or for worse, I had enough time to adjust to idea by that point. Sadly, he probably died from suicide which unfortunately doesn’t surprise me.

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