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Three: Part 4

“Let’s do it this afternoon,” Alex said.

“Seriously?” I said. “We’re not prepared. I’m not, that’s for sure. Also, I mean, we don’t even have any sense of when the best time would be.”

“Nah. We got all that stuff from Carlos, you know, Technomage’s kid. Brooke, show him.”

Brooke reached across the table and touched my hand, putting us into mental contact.
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Three: Part 3

“I’m not supposed to.”

We stood outside another massive house in the same subdivision. This one had probably won some kind of architectural award. I say that because it looked strange. All white walls with huge glass windows that stretched from the first floor to the top of the house, the house curved and bulged all over, reminding me of a collection of toadstools.

A little boy sat on his bike in the driveway. He couldn’t have been more than ten.

“My dad said I have to ask him first.”
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Three: Part 2

Even from the sky, it looked like a huge house. Shaped roughly like an “L,” it had space for an outside pool and a tennis court, and rose three stories at the point where the two wings met. The short side faced the Pacific ocean.

In Michigan something similar could fetch a million dollars. In California, I didn’t dare speculate. The crazy thing was that in Michigan there would be space around it and probably some forest. Here, it crowded the edge of the lot and ten other houses of the same size stood right next to it.

I landed on the deck.
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