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Three: Part 1

If you happen to know the right person in the FBI, it’s not that hard to get the stealth suit plus a highly modified guitar controller through airport security.

The Department of Homeland Security guys at Grand Lake’s airport had looked at each other and then at me as the guitar controller (in its lead lined cloth case) rolled through the X-ray machine. The metal detector’s alarm went off as I stepped through too.

I blamed the sonic systems, but the utility belt hidden under my jacket didn’t help.

They waved me on anyway.
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Rattling Cages: Part 14

Flying in the winter is cold.

The full Rocket armor feels warm even in the worst weather, probably because Grandpa spent a lot of time flying during the winter. By contrast, Grandpa’s main focus when he created the stealth suit was for it to fit under clothes. Even after pulling the supplementary jacket, pants and gloves over the basic suit, the stealth suit still felt colder.

Adding a guitar to the mix didn’t make things any easier.
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Rattling Cages: Part 3

I couldn’t argue with her. Every injury that sent me to the emergency room before the age of ten happened while playing with Cassie — the broken arm, more than forty stitches worth of cuts, and the time she stapled my foot.

When push came to shove, I probably came out with less damage when we fought the Grey Giant than I did most times when we played together as kids.
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